All About Kitchen Flooring: Tile vs. Hardwood


By: Victoria Lee - on Flooring Products

Home Improvements That Pay

Have you considered a new home improvement project? Whether it’s minor or major, an updated space can do wonders for your home’s return on investment.

Home improvements have been shown to add value to your home and appeal to potential buyers. Brand new features, from modern flooring to state of the art counter tops are guaranteed to stand out on the housing market.

For maximizing your home’s value, new kitchen flooring is a great place to start.

But how do you choose between traditional hardwood and tile flooring?

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What’s The Best Floor For Your Home Office?

flooring options for home office

By: Victoria Lee - on Flooring Products

Selecting the proper flooring for your home office is important, particularly if you spend a great deal of time there. While it should be comfortable, you don’t want to clutter it as the purpose of office space is to increase your productivity. The flooring you choose should be strong and flexible, and you should also consider the amount of foot traffic it will receive as well as its required maintenance. No flooring material is perfect, and each will have its pros and cons so let’s take a look at these popular options for home offices:

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using tile for small bathroom

By: Victoria Lee - on Flooring 101

Although the bathroom is usually the smallest room in the house, it is one of the most crucial to get your design right, especially when it comes to the flooring. The floor can be tiled in a manner that provides maximum space while providing a look and feel that you will enjoy. There are a number of approaches you can use to give your bathroom additional space, from selecting specific tile sizes to placing them in a manner which will alter the perception of the room.

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How To Match Flooring With Pop Colors

pop colors for flooring interior design

By: Victoria Lee - on Flooring Ideas

Pop colors have seen resurgence in recent years, and are finding their way deeper into interior design. These colors are a type of vibrant shades which is put on a minimalist or white background to allow them to stand out. When used correctly, pop colors provide a retro look that doesn’t require the entire room to be completely redesigned.

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Brand Partner Spotlight: Kährs

wood flooring kahrs brand partner

By: Victoria Lee - on Company News

Kährs is attracting lots of attention from the flooring industry due to its creative approach combined with its environmental awareness. They offer many beautiful collections that homeowners can choose from when installing flooring in their homes. Not only do their products last long and look stunning, owning Kährs flooring in your home is a prestigious status on its own.

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